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business-budgeting-softwareBusiness budgeting software designed for your department

In our fast-paced world, things change constantly - including your business budget. Individual departments want business budgeting solutions that accomodate daily financial change. But too often, enterprise-level software does not allow the flexibility to configure a budget the way that works best for departments.

Plan, track, and report better as a department with a uniquely configurable budget hierarchy that fits your team's day-to-day operations. Escape the limitations of enterprise-level software. Do things your way. 

Collaborate with your whole team

collaborate with your team

MyDeptPlan© is designed to be used on the desk and the web.  While a budget administrator works on the desktop tracking multiple budgets, they are still left with the job of keeping everyone in the loop.  This usually involves sending multiple e-mails back and forth, commonly resulting in confusion on who knows what. 

Our software has a web collaborative tool that allows managers and vendors to log in and see up to date information without having to rely on the budget administrator.  It is self-service reporting at its best.  Budget administrators "sync" to the web on their desktop product, and it automatically updates the web.