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business-budgeting-softwareBusiness budgeting software designed for your department

In our fast-paced world, things change constantly - including your business budget. Individual departments want business budgeting solutions that accomodate daily financial change. But too often, enterprise-level software does not allow the flexibility to configure a budget the way that works best for departments.

Plan, track, and report better as a department with a uniquely configurable budget hierarchy that fits your team's day-to-day operations. Escape the limitations of enterprise-level software. Do things your way. 

Eliminate need for circulating spreadsheets among team members to update

eliminate need for circulating

When using MyDeptPlan©, the budget administrator has control of all the data.  If the administrator needs to change budget numbers mid-year or re-plan, the software has the capability to do it on the fly. 

Once done, the administrator can sync the updated data to the web.  At this point, all team members have access to the updated numbers.  This benefit is a very quick and efficient way to prevent confusion and chaos among the team.