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business-budgeting-softwareBusiness budgeting software designed for your department

In our fast-paced world, things change constantly - including your business budget. Individual departments want business budgeting solutions that accomodate daily financial change. But too often, enterprise-level software does not allow the flexibility to configure a budget the way that works best for departments.

Plan, track, and report better as a department with a uniquely configurable budget hierarchy that fits your team's day-to-day operations. Escape the limitations of enterprise-level software. Do things your way. 

Quickly import and export Excel spreadsheets

quickly import

One of the best features of MyDeptPlan© is the ability to take Excel spreadsheets, and drag and drop them into our software. 

Immediately, the spreadsheet is incorporated into the user’s current structure.  A quick wizard allows the user to define what kind of spreadsheet it is.  For instance, sometimes it could be an Excel spreadsheet generated by ERP software or a project list that a manager creates at the beginning of the fiscal year.  Just drag and drop the spreadsheet onto MyDeptPlan© and we take care of it from there! 

MyDeptPlan© also has the ability to take any screen and export it to an Excel spreadsheet for reporting or re-planning purposes.