Our budget tracking software products

We offer three configurations of the MyDeptPlan© software: the desktop version, the desktop and online version, and the online version. To see which setup will fit your company department best, read more below. 

home-viewFor companies who are not quite ready to make the leap to an online financial budgeting plan, we offer the basic desktop version of MyDeptPlan©. The software allows for independent tracking of department financials that integrates with ERP software and allows your whole team access to the data. One project manager can assign roles to team members and communicate with the whole team via the software, updating and tracking your current financials without the hassle of emailing Excel spreadsheets back and forth. 

po-screenBusinesses enjoy the synchronization of data on both the desktop and the web. Internet and desktop access to data means faster, more effective planning and better analysis. Our secure and convenient desk and web configuration for MyDeptPlan© gives everyone involved in your financial project the ability to track, view, edit, and compile reports from your financial data, either from the desktop view or the web view. Once a project administrator issues an invitation to a team member, the team member can utilize either version of the software to connect with the team and make quick budget updates. 

web screenshotInternet access to your data provides a convenient, up-to-the-minute way to track financials and make changes to the overall budget. In our rapid-paced, technological culture, businesses need this kind of web-based flexibility so that data can be quickly updated to reflect changes as they occur.

With the web version of MyDeptPlan©, all of the team members who play a role in your budgeting efforts - including department employees, project administrators, vendors, and supply chain managers - can conveniently log into the budget system using their unique and secure identification and passwords. Once into the system, everyone can connect over the commitments, whether that means adjusting amounts, updating data, dumping files from Excel, importing reports, or simply keeping everyone on the same page.