"Department resource planning" - budgeting that fits your business better


Departments are the lifeblood of companies – and the more autonomous they can be, the more innovative they can be. Autonomy fuels innovation, which results in company growth. It’s this departmental spirit of autonomy that allows departments to bring creativity to every aspect of their business management – including their financial tracking.

But when most department managers are required to use enterprise resource planning (ERP) to conduct their external transactions (i.e. payroll, HR, purchasing, inventory control, etc.), departments suffer because the enterprise-level tools are usually tailored to satisfy the requirements of corporate management, not the departments.

Budgets themselves are not static, and departments need software that conforms to rapidly changing data! Unfortunately, the daily tools departments use (spreadsheets, email, and memos) are too static to accommodate frequent, widespread change.

Department based budget tracking makes your financial planning more successful

We see a dire need amongst departments for more flexibility, freedom, and cooperation.  Our department-based budget tracking software is a new class of software tools: what we call department resource planning (DRP) software. It adapts to your company’s needs, because you shouldn’t have to change your business practices to conform to software that lacks flexibility.

Our department based budgeting software  combines the benefits of top-level ERP software – management of clients and projects, the ability to set budgets, monitoring billing – while adding additional key benefits:

  • Maintains individuality of departments while tracking company-wide commitments, purchase orders, shipping, etc.
  • Tracks daily department activities in real time.
  • Adapts to budgets that change frequently.
  • Clearly portrays “where you are” financially.
  • Handles complex data and high detail.
  • Translates your budget plan into your department’s own “language.”
  • Allows for more control than other budgeting planning software.
  • Costs less than most alternatives.
  • Syncs all your data to the web.

How does MyDeptPlan© work? Your company can use our software to plan, track, and re-plan your budget better using one of our three options: at the desktop level, online, or both. Choose the best solution for your corporation.

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