Frequently asked questions about MyDeptPlan©

Jim Spicer, president of Spicer-Baer Associates and one of the creators of the MyDeptPlan, answers FAQ's about the software:

Q. Why do customers choose MyDeptPlan?

A. Customers choose MyDeptPlan software because we address the needs of departments, unlike enterprise software. Our software is easy to apply to our customer’s requirements.

Q. Who will benefit from using MyDeptPlan?

A. People who will get the most out of our software are Fortune 500 companies with business units comprised of multiple, similar departments. These departments are generally autonomous and have significant discretionary decision authority (and budget).

Q. What are the typical “points of pain” that your customers face?

A. Our customers can't run their businesses effectively using the ERP (enterprise resource planning) software tools provided centrally by the corporate IT services. They are forced to use Excel, email and pencil/paper to make effective plans, track projects and report on status daily, weekly, monthly.

By contrast, MyDeptPlan is a huge step up for them, eliminating most of the use of "island" software tools and providing a cohesive, easy to use financial system that interfaces with the ERP system to provide closure with corporate management.

Q. What makes MyDeptPlan unique from other products on the market?

A. We offer web integration along with desktop usage. In the future, the desk will be obsolete, so we are building our web code base to provide MyDeptPlan primarily as a web service.

Q. How long does it take to get your budget structure set up in the system?

A. Budgets come together very quickly with the PlanWizard feature, which allows you to build a tree hierarchy piece by piece. It's very easy to set up your budget structure. However, we find that our customers are often surprised by the capabilities of the software to really match their department structure. So they often go to greater lengths to configure the budget in the very best way that will help them budget better. 

Q. Who can access the software?

A. One of the advantages of MyDeptPlan is the collaboration it allows. The project budget administrator can manage the software, but team members can own projects or purchase orders, and vendors can contribute on the web as well. Allowing "self-service" to the data ensures that the financial picture everyone sees is as up-to-date as possible. Online, each person has a secure log-in, and the admin can restrict vendor views of the data so that they only access their own portion of the budget. 

Q. Can a budget administrator test the software out before committing - to see if it will work well for them?

A. Yes! We are currently providing free trial period downloads of MyDeptPlan - no strings attached. Just visit this page:

We invite anyone who’s downloaded the product to give us a call, and we can provide complimentary help to set up your budget hierarchy within the software. This usually helps people get a feel for the software. Ninety-nine percent of the time, people fall in love instantly, and want to keep it.