Budget tracking software that makes financial collaboration a piece of cake


Many companies are used to the ease and convenience of Internet or cloud-based applications. For businesses who want their employees to be able to access data anytime, anywhere, the desk-web version of our software provides this freedom. Desktop and web access gives your company the ability to connect faster, see real-time changes ot the budget, and always have accurate budget data at their fingertips. 

The main benefit of using the MyDeptPlan© desktop and web products together is the synchronization they provide between applications. Web database tables are clones of the desktop tables, so that when budget coordinators want to update the web, they click on a “sync” button, which updates the website data. It's as easy as that. This creates an ideal environment where the budget coordinator is in full control of the data, but team members can access the data in a self-service manner.

Our budget tracking software allows for team collaboration and real-time reporting where it was non-existent before. 

This web-and-desktop integration is a unique feature amongst business financial planning software options. We've seen a dire need for it in corporations that struggle to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to the budget. Migrating the budget administrator desktop data to the web regularly allows project managers to access their data independent of the administrator, making the web a self-service report tool.  The budget managers are kept up-to-date on project budget numbers and are able to focus their time on other areas of project management.

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