To make your department a team

Our simple and straightforward desktop version of MyDeptPlan© is a great solution to connect your team over the budget data. We recognize that a desktop solution is advantageous for many companies, so we've developed a version of our software that allows basic desktop access for the project manager and the whole team. 

Our uniquely customizable budget tracking software is a Windows desktop application to help your company plan, track, and report financials for any department. This software is the key component in department resource planning (DRP) technology from SBA. The desktop version lets your entire department access, upload, export, and manage financial data.


Key benefits:

• Easy modeling of department structure with tree-based drag n' drop
• Interface allows for real-time collaboration
• Excel interface imports ERP system data
• Interacts with import and Excel data, imports and exports tracking spreadsheets, and emails reports
• Stand-alone purchase order (PO)/commitment tracking
• At-a-glance hierarchical data reporting on your home screen                                 
• Install updates easily with one click
• Updates automatically from Web
• Integrated data forms with parent data recap
• Database-driven (MS Access)

The software solves the problem of static budgeting; now the budget can be udpated on a minute-by-minute basis. The twenty-first century requires corporations to adapt their budgets as they go. Learn more about the way a DRP philosophy can revolutionize your business budgeting.

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