Online budget tracking at its finest

looking-at-monitorMany companies are web-savvy and accustomed to the ease of cloud-based applications that give them access to data anytime and anywhere. Internet access to data is a huge asset for companies who want greater connectedness, faster updates to data, and more accurate reporting of financial information. If your business is used to Internet-based tools, online budget tracking will not be a steep learning curve or a concern. 

Our web version of MyDeptPlan© allows optimal collaboration of information in team environments through communication with suppliers and vendors as well as future fiscal year forecasting.  The ability to share data on the Web introduces an important shift in the ways in which teams communicate and interact. Simply log into the system and make changes that other team members will immediately be able to view. All team members with access to the data have unique, secure log-in information that protects your budget information. 

In this ever-changing global economy, having a central portal where all members can work separately and then together is one of the most valuable aspects of MyDeptPlan© on the Web. 

Supplier management is typically still done primarily with Excel and email to communicate; however, supplier management modules on the Web allow the department’s vendors to enter estimates directly into the system. This is a huge advantage to your business and means you can be more productive as a team. The project team working with the vendor can finalize the bid and enter a PO directly into the software, saving your company time and money.

Interested to see how it works? See how MyDeptPlan could revolutionize your budgeting efforts. 

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