By role: For anyone responsible for project budget tracking

Ask any department manager if they think they are able to manage their business day-to-day from enterprise-level software. We can almost guarantee that their answer is no.

MyDeptPlan fills the gap that enterprise budgeting, purchasing and planning software leaves.  Our software interfaces with the ERP system but also allows the department personnel to plan their business their way, and provides nearly real-time project budget tracking against any project or administrative expenses.

It’s financial re-planning at its finest, allowing your team to adapt to rapid changes.

It is an imperative for any manager with a financial plan to have software tools at their disposal that they control. MyDeptPlan© fulfills important managerial needs, allowing managers to smoothly create business plan projections, track purchase orders, and report progress.

Notably, MyDeptPlan© allows for collaborative project budget tracking with easy drag n’drop import of Excel data directly into the software. Project managers can invite team members to securely view, edit, and share data. The web capacity allows vendors to collaborate, too. With the ability to smoothly incorporate Excel data from various departments, everyone involved in department financials will be able to better create and review financial estimates, review “master plans,” and plan for the next fiscal year.

The software becomes a communication platform, eliminating unnecessary and time-consuming email in which attachments are sent back and forth.

Individuals in these roles will find MyDeptPlan© to be an incredibly flexible resource:

Profit/Cost Center Managers – My Dept Plan offers database-driven team financial and project tracking system for nearly real-time results against the plan.
Project Managers: Take advantage of self-service reporting from the web to know the financial state of the project 24/7.
Budget Administrators: Satisfy the planning requirements of department management (DRP) without having to adhere to the limitations of the ERP software.
Operational Managers: Balance high visibility of outsourced purchases and variance against planned spending levels.
Vendor Managers: Utilize early purchase order notification from the department system in advance of the ERP system, as well as blanket purchase order capability to reduce the number of small purchase orders (PO’s).

Managers can choose from three options in order to fit your company's operations best. 


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