By industry: Improve your purchase order tracking

Our software provides incredibly useful purchase order tracking for any industry that places a high value on the measurable success of its departments.  Organizations that are project-oriented and that outsource significant portions of their workload via purchase order and contract will benefit most from MyDeptPlan© in its current form. 

Looking at trends in business, this includes most industries, namely:

Manufacturing - Real-time financial tracking of materials against the plan (budget).
Retail – Real-time financial tracking of purchases for inventory.
Distribution – Real-time tracking of shipments/deliveries to customers.
Service – Team interaction on the web to fulfill customer requirements.
Nonprofit – Donation tracking of major contributors against the plan.

Smooth purchase order tracking as a team

Managing your day-to-day budgeting, purchase order tracking, and commitments becomes headache-free with the collaboration MyDeptPlan© offers. business-unit-image

A plan administrator can organize and coordinate the plan on the desktop, and project team members collaborate with each other on the web to execute against the plan.  These activities can include estimate processing from submittal through purchase order, budget money management, self-service reporting, and team communications.  Business unit managers can then track individual department plans or consolidate financial results for business unit level reporting.

The diagram at the right shows three different departments from the same business unit utilizing MyDeptPlan©, where each department has a separate and unique implementation of their plan. The desktop is synchronized through the web version of our DRP software. 

Wondering how our software would work for your company?

Check out the three ways you can use and access our software:  


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